What You Really Need To Know About Airline Travel Deals!

If you are a bit free brave and adventurous, the chances are that you will be able to travel to many exciting destinations that you would not otherwise be able to afford. You can get airline travel deals to all kinds of foreign destinations all over the world, provided that you are a little bit flexible.

My schedule has always provided me with the luxury to pick up and go when I want, but at the expense of a great deal of disposable income. It is one of those inconsistencies that everyone is bound to run in to at some point in their life those who have lots of time had little money, while those who have little money have lots of time. Not having a lot of money, however, should not stop you from going anywhere that you want to go provided that you keep a good eye out for airline travel deals, and are at ease with last minute travel every now and again.

I have taken advantage of many airline travel deals in my life, which have let me go to places which would normally be out of my price range. I have gotten air ticket deals to Argentina, Portugal, Spain, and even Sweden. The only problem with these great airline travel deals is that they tend to come at the expense of convenience.

They are often last minute travel deals, are occasionally carried by second or third string airlines, and do not always allow you to chose the destination that is at the top of your list. But all of that suits me fine. I am quite flexible about where I go, if you want to know. What matters most to me is to have the freedom to travel abroad and check out new places which I have never seen before. And airline travel deals let me do that just fine.

If you are looking for good airline travel deals, here is the advice that I have for you. It is easer to find out about the destinations of air ticket deals which are being offered and see if they are right for you then it is to wait for that one particular destination or other which you had your heart set on. After all, let’s face it there are places all over the world which are fun to explore, so why hold yourself back just because you are unfamiliar with this or that destination.

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Save A Bundle On Your Next Trip With Airline Travel Deals

Whether your flying to see family across the country or planning your dream vacation it’s important to setup a budget. You likely have a destination your thinking of, how ever have you considered the costs of flying there? If finances are tight, which they are for so many, take the time to seek out the best airline travel deals. A lot of people don’t realize that airline tickets can be booked eleven months in advance. By booking early often you save a lot of money rather then waiting until just a couple of weeks before your trip. The down side is that if you must cancel your trip for one reason or another, generally you’re out the cost of the tickets.

Calling the airline directly can be a great way to get airline travel deals. Often the airlines have the best deals available for decent ticket prices. Also they sometimes have last minute seat saver sales to fill up a few seats left on planes. Something else airlines do is they may have unadvertised seat sales. These are deals you’ll only get when calling the airline directly for a ticket.

Another good source for airline travel deals is travel agents. They work as brokers between you and all the airlines, so they can browse all the air travel options for your trip and get you the cheapest price. These days travel agents have lost a lot of business to online airfare websites, so you might find an offline travel agent fighting a little harder to get your business.

Don’t forget about the Internet as a source for airline travel deals. The Internet allows you to source out your own tickets over a variety of websites. Don’t just take one sites prices as gospel search around and compare options. Don’t wait to long to book tickets online how ever because a deal you see this afternoon could be gone in a few hours and not be available that night. There are a few things you should watch with airline travel deals. One thing you always want to be sure you’re getting what you’re paying for. Read the fine print on all websites before making the purchase, also always double check your information so you don’t get stuck with the wrong ticket for a great price.

When making your reservations with a travel agent or airline directly always ask them to read back the information you’ve requested. Things can get jumbled over the phone, and you don’t want to end up in the wrong city or state. Also as soon as you receive your itinerary double check everything to ensure no mistakes. Nothing worse then assuming you got a great price, then the airline travel deal you through you got isn’t for the right trip at all. If you catch errors quickly enough, most airlines are more then happy to try and rectify it for you.

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People Expect A Travel Deal From Northwest Airlines

Convenient flights, competitive airfares, and great vacation packages are some of the reasons why most travelers choose to fly Northwest airlines. Managing your reservations is just a click away with Northwest and all you have to do is visit their website for total assistance and guidance to plan your trip.


Like most other airlines, Northwest airlines also offers you the convenience of booking your flights online. You can also request for online e-ticket refund on the airline’ website, nwa.com. However, you should be aware that only E-Tickets beginning with 012 can be refunded on the website. You should check up with the guidelines governing refund of Northwest tickets to know if you are eligible for a refund.


Northwest offers great travel deals through its “fare promotions” link on the website. Currently (April, 2007) on the platter are low airfares on nonstop one-way flights from Detroit to Dsseldorf, and Brussels. Fares are as low as $283* each-way, however, you need to plan your trip within a specific period to avail them. While a one-way airfare from Los Angeles to Dsseldorf will cost you about $283, your one-way ticket from Los Angeles to Brussels will be priced at $348.

You can also find exciting last minute packages to enjoy a great weekend at exotic destinations. You will find great deals that combine low airfares with discounted hotel rooms and rental cars offers to have the most refreshing vacation at your favorite destination. Other low fare options include Northwest airlines World Vacations Package Specials’ to enjoy a vacation in some of the best travel destinations around the world.


Northwest understands how important it is to have an access to the Northwest schedule in order to plan your trip in advance. You have the option of viewing electronic timetables online. If you download a Northwest/KLM Timetable on your computer, you can view it even when you are you don’t have an Internet access.

These efficient interactive travel-planning tools enable you to check out the departures and plan your itinerary effectively.


In order to provide complete travel experience to their customers, Northwest provides you some of the best travel deals through its tie up with Frommers.com. Whether you are flying to Mexico, Caribbean, Europe, Asia, or within the United States, you can depend on Frommers.com to guide you through your journey and help you plan a great holiday.

Northwest offers convenient flights to business and tourist destinations across the globe that include Las Vegas, Chicago, Toronto, Hong Kong, Athens, Brussels, Shanghai, Costa Rica, Cozumel, Jamaica, San Juan, Paris, Rome, and London.

On the Northwest website, you will also find useful travel tips to enable you to have a memorable trip with Northwest.

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A Review On How To Get A Really Cheap Ticket When Flying

Almost all people feel that flying is very costly. You end up spending heaps when you take into consideration the flight, insurance, taxes, accommodation, hotel services and car hire etc. etc. You can save a lot of money without compromising the quality and comfort.

Remove the Middleman.

Some people prefer to go to a travel agent and let them do all the work. But this costs you for this service. The best way to do this is to go online. Sure, it’s a little more work on your part but once you get used to it you can save stacks of dollars with cheap tickets, accommodation, hotels and car hire. Any business worth their salt has a web site giving all the details that you would be looking for.

Another source of a cheap ticket is through wholesalers. Airlines, once it get close to departure dates, offer cheap tickets to wholesalers at a fraction of the cost that you can buy them for. If you find these agencies you may get cheap tickets from them. Be aware, you won’t be able to get these cheap tickets at the same price all the time as these cheap tickets are seasonal and vary from time to time.

Cheap Tickets With Deals

With the number of online agencies you should be able to find a cheap ticket for almost any destination. But don’t leave it too late or try or book too early. Remember, the airlines are in the business of making a profit, so when it’s getting within 14 days of departure they will start offering a cheap ticket to fill seats. If it’s really close to departure the price of a cheap ticket will rise because some people will have to catch that flight no matter what.

Further things to try

Many specific websites offer cheap tickets to members who sign up at the site. You would have to check these sites regularly. It’s said that you save up to 50% on normal fares in certain cases.

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A Review Of Last Minute Ticket Purchases

About the only way to find “Last Minute Tickets” at a fair price is over the internet, so you will need a computer with an internet connection or have access to one. This is imperative as you will need to be able to do a number of searches in a relative short time.

Some things you should know before you start, the comments are restricted to internal flight, within the US and Canada. International flights have a different set of rules.

* 90+% of all sold airline tickets are distributed from a clearing house call ATCPO (Airline Tariff Publishing Company) which is owned, in partnership, by dozens of airline companies. It’s now the distribution hub for over 60 million tickets worldwide. Each airline files their fares continuously all day and then distributed to “subscribers” ie. agencies at specific times during the day. These fares are then loaded into the agencies booking systems.

Now the next thing to be aware of when you are hunting for a last minute ticket is that when tickets are put on the system the same seat will have a range of prices and there could be a difference of up to a $1000 between high and low and of course you are going to be sold the highest first.

As there are many rules controlling the price of the ticket a particular seat can be sold at dozens of different prices meaning prices can change at any time of the day.

* Also be aware that flight schedules that change have an effect on last minute ticket prices, this could include cancellations, mechanical breakdowns etc.

* Another thing that can have an effect on last minute ticket prices is “Aircraft Seat Inventory”. Airline use some very sophisticated tools based on historical and real-time sales data to ascertain how many seats will be sold at a articular time and for what price. This why people get so frustrated when shopping online for last minute tickets and why you should be checking 3-5 sites at a time. Let’s use this scenario – It costs the airline 15 cents per-mile per-seat to run the aircraft, they will calculate how many seats will have to be sold at that price before they can make a profit. Once they have this figure they will allocate so many seat at, say, 5 cents per mile and many more at a $1 per mile. So, obviously, it smart to buy when the cost of the last minute ticket is at the low end of the scale. One more thing to be aware of is that airlines mange their domestic revenue 4-5 months in advance, so if you are going to purchase a ticket 4-5 months in advance they will happily sell you a ticket at 20-30 cents per mile. Definitely not a good time to buy to get a good price.

So what are the tips for getting the best “Last Minute Ticket Prices”

* Know what a good price is

* Subscribe to a few email alert lists from different companies * Check the volatility of the market of the market place. If ticket prices are jumping aroud and you quick on “The Buy Now” button you will get bargain last minute ticket prices.

* Companies like Farecompare.com will give you ticket price history so check when the last minute ticket prices were at their best LAST YEAR. It doen’st always mean it will happen this year but, again it might. A good trick to have up your sleeve when hunting for the best last minute ticket price.

* Get to know the prices of your city pairs and if they are trending up because of outside forces, like fuel prices, it may be astute to buy as soon as possible even if it not at an all time low.

* The people who can pick up and leave at a moments notice will have a better chance of getting a better last minute price. I would be a little more cautious if you have to be a certain place at a certain time. Give yourself a little more leeway.

* The business and leisure break point is normally 14 days in advance, sometimes 21 days. You are not likely to get a good price on your last minute ticket.

If your are diligent enough you will, more than likely, stumble on some very good last minute ticket prices, but you will have to work at it.

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